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work in progress


Goood morning !

What a gorgeous almost summer like morning. Loooove it !

This is a new painting i’m working on at the moment.

Please click to enlarge.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Sat x

art therapy

I went to a meeting today with psychotherapists whom wants to start an art therapy group with their clients. My friend who is a therapist there invited me to be part of this team of ladies.

I was excited but a bit nervous,because i’ve never done anything like that. I was always hoping to share my love and passion for art with people someday.

As a child surviver of domestic violence household, when i was young , especially teenage years art was my means of communication/ expression. I did not know how to connect with people. I was expressing all the anger, confusion, disconnectedness on to papers. So my art works were quite dark. It was great to have some outlet for these big emotions. I think i was depressed for a long time till about 10 yearsr ago.

May be hard to imagine now ‘cos my art works are so colorful.. it became colorful when i come to realise the ultimate truth that  i’m connected with everything and with everyone…. (Buddhism concept of esho-funi            oness of self and environment/interconnectedness)  

I knew that intellectually but i realised that in fundamental , core level…. that changed my life completely. no more loneliness, no more worthlessness. i realised i can contribute so much. I started to believe in self. My fear and anxiety  of connecting with others were gone. 

Painting helps me to forcus in the moment. i concentrate on my breathing when i start to paint.

I don’t plan what i will do, i trust in the unlimited potential one moment contains.

Creativity brings peace, calmness and focus within me.

Love it. don’t know what to do without it.

I’m so greatful for this opportunity. It will be unreal to engage with others through art. I’ll do my best to make this experience enjoyable and fun for these participants☺🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💞