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New painting


This is my second acrylic painting i’ve done in a week.

Loving the acrylic. Good thing about not painting on a paper is that i don’t have to be super careful.

I’m love using acrylic ✌

More experimenting to come.


These are my works from 2012 to 2015 !

Left top 2012, right top 2013, left bottom 2014 and right botto 2015.


this is how i paint

happy friday


Lung in progress


Happy happy friday 🌟🌟🌟🌟

It’s been busy but , really amazing solid week…… felt deep  connection to my own life and with people around me…. So blessed with everything. I’m facing many challenges, but started to see the light, which is a goooooooood thing.

Long winter is over and welcoming the spring 🌸

Ps, i dropped off ‘lung’ at the Bay Gallery Ettalong today for framing !!!  This little piggy is going to the Gosford art prize🐷 got in last year for the final… hope i’ll get in again and also, hope my hubby’s sculpture will get in too !


wood paper silk



Please click to enlarge.

Happy Friday everyone xxxx

My framed paintings are available for purchase at wood paper silk @ Petersham sydney



I stayed over night at my sister’s in inner city as i have to attend the Ai class in this morning. It was freezin’ and windy, and rainy day, but i was really happy ‘cos it was my 🎂 hahaha❤

Finished the Ai level 1 today. I don’t think i’ll do level 2 🐰 it was very intensive and challenging, but I enjoyed learning cool tricks.

After the course, i dropped off my baby (painting) at mosman art gallery, for the mosman art prize,  i felt sooooo relieved and wonderful !!

Smooth driving home. I love home…so good to be home. I was welcomed by my favorite dish made by my hubby, and a cake by my son , and a card from everyone ❤🎂😘🍷🍷💞i felt blessed…