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These are my works from 2012 to 2015 !

Left top 2012, right top 2013, left bottom 2014 and right botto 2015.


11days to go !!

Hi there,

We’ll be installing our works in 11 days !!!

Just finishing off few pieces, signing and framing needs to be done. I can’t wait to see my works framed !!!

Here is my latest. This will be available for view and purchase at Sheffer gallery from the 18th November!

To view, please click the image.


Asahi beer

Japanese lunch

Japanese lunch

There is nothing like a lunch with Asahi tap beer.

Picked up may baby (painting ) from the gallery, and i am having lunch at Tamageta ya in Nutral bay.


Gosh i miss japan. Despite I was there less than 4 months ago. Funny that i can’t be there for more than 2 weeks,  gets all too much after that. But love japan.