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Exhibition at Patonga Bakehouse


I have been very busy last couple of months. 2016 has been such a challenging year with family issues and  work issues. Painting saved me from going insane ! No matter how I felt I just sat at my table whenever I can and painted. And this is the result of all the quality time I spend at my table. Sometime even a couple of minutes. It gave me a tranquillity, and strength to kept going. Maybe the colours I use reflects my experiences. Colourfulness, and darkness.  But they are balanced and complementing each other. Give a good contrast. Challenging years are always without fail become a most fruitful years.


Patonga Bakehouse Gallery 24/7 space- all November


New painting


This is my second acrylic painting i’ve done in a week.

Loving the acrylic. Good thing about not painting on a paper is that i don’t have to be super careful.

I’m love using acrylic ✌

More experimenting to come.


latest work in progress 20/2/16


new postcards and business card


Please click the image to see ☺

Hi there,

My postcards and business card has arrived ! They were  printed by 🐮 yMoo.  I love this company. So easy to create printed products using the original artworks.

I’d like to  sell these cards here. ❤