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holiday drawings

Gees it was hot today! But  i love the heat. ❤ summer. Definitely better than winter.

i’ve been doing drawings. I’m obsessed with cactus at the moment. My instagram ❤ is filled with cactus images, and strangely all from Japan.  Cactus appreciation’s must b big in Japan ??



Cactus ⬆



These are my works from 2012 to 2015 !

Left top 2012, right top 2013, left bottom 2014 and right botto 2015.


opening night Gosford art prize

Hi there, here are some picks from the opening last night at Gosford regional art gallery.






my husband’s sculpture



This gorgeous sculpture  ‘Retired telemarketer No 12’  is made by my husband John Rayson.

He entered this for this year’s Gosford art prize. we are hopeing to be selected to the finals 😘😘😘

I’m really proud of him. He is very skilld sheet metal fabricator, infact he has been doing it for almost 30 years !

I think it is very rare to have fabrication skill and artistic talent in one. i just love this sculpture, especially how this spine curves. Just gorgeous😍


new style

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Good evening ☺

It was such a beautiful day warm and sunny. I’ve been painting , washing and washed our dog ! He is nice and fluffy now and smells lovely 🐽

i painted this one today. Tried different style…..I love it very much. What do you think of this ?




‘Lung’ framed !

20150911_105513Wow, my lung painting has been framed ! Really happy with it. I’m entering this one into Gosford art prize. Hope gets in this year again….. whsh me luck 🌟🌟🌟😘🌟



new painting


Started a new painting last night !

56cm x 76cm 300 gsm arches.

new work

New work in progress 11 July 15

New work in progress
11 July 15


Morning ! I picked up my painting, and it looked really good. Very happy with it. It’s all ready for the mosman art prize. I’ll dropp it off on Monday after the course…

Wish me luck ! Hope i’ll get into the final.. 🐥

I’ve started a new painting last night. I love painting this.

finally done !

Hi there, This is my first blog entry !

I have been working very hard last one week trying to build this site, doing my Adobe Illustrator course at Sydney uni continuous study ,doing home works,  working 3 days a week helping my husband, and finishing my painting for the Mosman Art Prize 2015.

The school holiday helped as I didn’t have to wake up as early as usual. so I can work till 2am every night.

I finally finished my painting. I’m really happy with it. The frame looks awesome. My framer/artist Greg from the Bay Gallery (Ettalong NSW) suggested black mat and frame last week, and he build it for me. It looks really great. It will be ready on Saturday. Can’t wait !!

new work

new work