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Exhibition at Patonga Bakehouse


I have been very busy last couple of months. 2016 has been such a challenging year with family issues and  work issues. Painting saved me from going insane ! No matter how I felt I just sat at my table whenever I can and painted. And this is the result of all the quality time I spend at my table. Sometime even a couple of minutes. It gave me a tranquillity, and strength to kept going. Maybe the colours I use reflects my experiences. Colourfulness, and darkness.  But they are balanced and complementing each other. Give a good contrast. Challenging years are always without fail become a most fruitful years.


Patonga Bakehouse Gallery 24/7 space- all November


holiday drawings

Gees it was hot today! But  i love the heat. ❤ summer. Definitely better than winter.

i’ve been doing drawings. I’m obsessed with cactus at the moment. My instagram ❤ is filled with cactus images, and strangely all from Japan.  Cactus appreciation’s must b big in Japan ??



Cactus ⬆




I stayed over night at my sister’s in inner city as i have to attend the Ai class in this morning. It was freezin’ and windy, and rainy day, but i was really happy ‘cos it was my 🎂 hahaha❤

Finished the Ai level 1 today. I don’t think i’ll do level 2 🐰 it was very intensive and challenging, but I enjoyed learning cool tricks.

After the course, i dropped off my baby (painting) at mosman art gallery, for the mosman art prize,  i felt sooooo relieved and wonderful !!

Smooth driving home. I love home…so good to be home. I was welcomed by my favorite dish made by my hubby, and a cake by my son , and a card from everyone ❤🎂😘🍷🍷💞i felt blessed…






new work

New work in progress 11 July 15

New work in progress
11 July 15


Morning ! I picked up my painting, and it looked really good. Very happy with it. It’s all ready for the mosman art prize. I’ll dropp it off on Monday after the course…

Wish me luck ! Hope i’ll get into the final.. 🐥

I’ve started a new painting last night. I love painting this.