My artworks are strongly influenced by my Japanese background. I was born in 70’s, and grew up in 80’s. As a child, everywhere I looked I was stimulated by amazing graphic designs, quirky fabrics, and crafted animations on TV. I had great arts education in schools. At primary, I enjoyed variety of hands on art creations, Shuji calligraphy, and exposure to all sorts of music. In junior high I enjoyed Sadou- tea ceremony for three years. I don’t remember how to make tea, but there I learned to pause from daily hustle and bustle, being in the moment, appreciate the beauty in tea cups, seasonal flowers and exquisite shapes and colour of the sweets that accompanied tea itself. At home, I loved the designs on my mother’s kimonos and obis, ceramics she collected, and flowers she arranged (Ikebana). She didn’t do this everyday, but when she did, I enjoyed them very much.These are the things profoundly influenced my sense of beauty. I (Japanese) find (s) beauty in “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.





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